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Ongoing Projects

Comedy from outside of time and space.

This is a multimedia project which has created illustrations, live streams, and so much more. As someone who grew up on weird sci-fi, it's a complete blast getting to use it as an experimental art space.

We've been lucky enough to be joined by a whole bunch of great comedians like Erik Germ, Clancy Kramer, Hope Cary, and Ian Abramson.

You can support us on Patreon.

Wednesdays at 8p PT / 11p ET at

Mary is joined by her dog Happy and some special guests as they paint art around a shared theme. It's Bob Ross meets Pee Wee's Playhouse in Mary's own unique voice.

Thursdays at 9p ET / 6p PT at

A show hosted by the former randoms of the Planet Scum Community Discord! We've answered voicemails, taken live calls, and eaten one VERY HOT chip!

I help live-switch the show, make promos, and play a sapient phone named Phoney.

Wednesdays at 6p PT / 9p ET at

2 DOS 2 Furious

Forrest plays Divinity: Original Sin 2 with Missi Information and the folks from sensitiveartisttypes.

This is the follow up to Con Artists Journey to Baldur's Gate where we played Baldur's Gate 3.

Tuesdays at 6p PT / 9p ET at

Previous Projects

The Planet Scum logo which is a dripping Planet Earth.

I was a show producer for Chris Gethard's streaming network Planet Scum. At our height, we produced 6 shows a week.

Since 2013, I've been a big fan of The Chris Gethard Show. I loved its innovative spirit and big heart. I never imagined I would get to help Gethard build his next project.

I'll always be grateful that I was able to work with my favorite comedians and create some online chaos.

Sketches as a Service

A monthly show where 5 comedians are given one hour to write as many sketches as they can.

Writers included Kenice Mobley, Rob Dubbin, Lorena Russi, Chris Duffy, Cullen Crawford, Grace Freud, and Alex Song-Xia.

We Are Trash People began as a podcast recapping episodes of The Chris Gethard Show

When Chris Gethard Presents launched, it became a podcast celebrating the past work of each week's host. 

In the Planet Scum era, we celebrated the comedians and community of Planet Scum.

In the post-Planet Scum era, we transformed it into a space for creative collaboration before going on hiatus in December 2022.

Over 33 episodes, I played Baldur's Gate 3 with Missi Information and the folks at sensitiveartisttypes.